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April 4, 2007--

Iran's capture and release of British Troops/Hostages raise at least 12 questions for Nancy Pelosi.·


01. Question:  When did Ahmadinejad first desire to stick his thumb into the eye of the West in general and the U.S. and Britain in particular? 
Answer: 1979

02. Question:  When did Bashir Assad first desire to stick his thumb into the eye of the West in general and the U.S. and Britain in particular? 
  When he came to power after the death of his father, Hafez Assad in 2000.

03. Question:  What recent event gave Ahmadinejad a stronger motive to draw the focus away from Western "sanctions" against Iran's nuclear program? 
Answer:  A March 15, 2007 announcement of U.N. Security Council members apparently agreeing upon tougher sanctions against Iran for its failure to suspend its nuclear program.

04. Question:  When was Nancy Pelosi's trip to Syria announced to the public or made known to Syria?
Answer:  Well before March 30-- See WH press briefing.  See also  BreitBart news report on March 30.   Additional Question:  Would it be unwarranted to assume that Pelosi's planning for the trip (including contacts with Syrian officials) must have begun no later than by March 22, 2007?

05. Question:  When did Ahmadinejad's minions seize the British sailors?
Answer:  March 23, 2007.

06. Question:  How long did Ahmadinejad milk the seizure and display of the British sailors for propaganda purposes?
Answer:  Until Nancy Pelosi arrived for her highly-publicized visit with Assad in Syria.

07. Question:  When did Ahmadinejad release the British sailors? 
Answer:  The day Nancy Pelosi met with Syria's Assad.

08. Question:  Who is claiming "humanitarian" credit for the release of the British sailors?
Answer:  Ahmadinejad.

09. Question:  Who is claiming to have used diplomatic influence on Ahmadinejad to procure such release on "humanitarian" grounds?
Answer:  Assad.

10. Question:  When are the vote/veto/veto-override-vote on the Democrat timetable/funding for Iraq expected to occur? 
Answer:  After Pelosi returns from Syria.

11. Question:  Did Assad and Ahmadinejad hope/expect the preceding events to strengthen or weaken Bush's hand on such votes? 
Answer:  Weaken!

12. Question:  If the Democrats' (and Hagel's) withdrawal-deadline/funding-limitations were to ultimately succeed in forcing Bush to withdraw troops from Iraq, what would be Assad's and Ahmadinejad's next tactical and strategic moves after such withdrawal? 
Answer:  Divide Iraq into Greater Syria and Greater Iran, increase support to Hezbollah in Lebanon, murder more pro-democracy Lebanese leaders, increase support to Hamas in the West Bank and Gaza, and wage proxy wars against Israel on three fronts while readying nuclear weapons to announce to the world.

--Jim Wrenn, Editor at WrennCom.Com.


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