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A book for Quantum Physics Enthusiasts:.
Editor's Note:, inc. has no business, proprietary or commercial relationship with any editor, author or publisher connected with this book.  I have not read it, and, being an amateur quantum-physics enthusiast, I could not provide an enlightened evaluation of it.  However, the material is intriguing to me..  Therefore, upon request from Dr. J. Robson, Phys. Department, University of Barcelona, Spain, via email request to me, I'm gratuitously publishing this information.  Jim Wrenn, Editor.  (

Instantaneous Action at a Distance in Modern Physics:
"Pros" and "Contra"

Announcing TS1283V
Instantaneous Action at a Distance in Modern Physics: "Pro" and "Contra"

Edited by Andrew E. Chubykalo (Ed.) (University of Zacatecas, Zacatecas, Mexico), Viv Pope (Swansea, UK) and Roman Smirnov-Rueda (University of North Wales, UK) (In CONTEMPORARY FUNDAMENTAL PHYSICS - Valerie V. Dvoeglazov - Editor)

1999, 475 pages. ISBN 1-56072-698-9. $145.


PART I: "PRO..."
{1} Newton is dead...Long live Newton!  (V.Pope); {2} Action at a distance in electrodynamics and inertia (J. V. Narlikar); {3} Does special relativity prohibit superluminal velocities? (O. D. Jefimenko); {4} Arguments in favour of action at a distance (A. K. Assis); {5} Were Hertz's `crucial' experiments on propagation of electromagnetic interaction conclusive? (R. Smirnov-Rueda); {6} Reconciliation of Newton with Mach (P. Graneau); {7} Kozyrev's method of astronomical observations: information from true positions of stars, stellar systems, and planets (M. M. Lavrent'ev & I. A. Eganova); {8} Have you seen the light? (N. Graneau); {9} A plea for holistic effects (H. Hille); {10} Meditations on action-at-a-distance (T. E. Phipps, Jr); {11} Why gravity acts instantaneously at a distance (P. Rowlands); {12} Reality of time (S. C. Tiwari); {13} Mach's Principle and instantaneous action at a distance (D. F. Roscoe); {14} Microsystems and interactions (M. Borneas); {15} The world of events reality: instantaneous action as a connection of events through time (I. A. Eganova); {16} On a superluminal transmission at the phase velocities (G.F. Ignatiev & V. A. Leus); {17} The point-like dipole radiation and modification of Maxwell equations using  the continuum mechanics principles (V. Ilyin, I.  Nefedov); {18} The Nonstandard Physical World an action-at-a-distance (R. A. Herrmann); {19} Faster-than-light transfer of a signal in electrodynamics (V. P. Oleinik); {20} Instantaneous action at a distance in a holistic universe (B. G. Sidharth); {21} Bell-type correlations and large scale structure of the universe (S. Roy & M. Kafatos); {22} Maxwell equations and action-at-a-distance (Z. Ya. Turakulov) 
{1} Why all the fuss? (T. Bastin & C.W. Kilmister); {2} Local realism as an antidote to action at a distance (F. Selleri); {3} Action at a distance versus fundamental properties of electrodynamics (E. Comay); {4} Physical laws in extended systems (G. Galeczki); {5} Loopholes and anomalies in actual Bell tests (C. H. Thompson); {6} Objective local models for would-be `nonlocal' physics (A. F. Kracklauer); {7} Inconveniences of the Thomas rotation within the special relativity (C. I. Mocanu); {8} Can quantum non-locality serve for instantaneous communication? An "orthodox" view (M. Dusek);  {9} Nearness through an extra dimension (G. Kalbermann  & H. Halevi); {10} Long range correlations and relativity: metatheoretic considerations  (G. Svetlichny); {11} Evolution equations for mechanical forces (E. Kapuscik); {12} Entanglement is super ... but not superluminal (S. J. van Enk & C. A. Fuchs); {13} Radiation from an accelerated charge and  the principle of equivalence (N. Soker & A. Harpaz); {14} Action of a source spreading at finite speed (Y.G. Yi);

Instantaneous Action at a Distance in Modern Physics:
"Pro" and "Contra"

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