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July 31, 2006--

Qana-- Responses to Israeli/Hezbollah war in Lebanon re-expose asymmetrical morality under-girding U.N. and European sophistry rationalizing delusional faith in passive diplomacy against asymmetrical warfare by Islamo-Fascist/Paleo-Stalinist alliance. 

          To all but the morally blind, "international" responses to the deaths of women and children in the reinforced basement of an apartment building when it collapsed eight hours after precision-guided Israeli bombs struck on, or near, the apartment º¹ re-exposes the asymmetrical morality under-girding the U.N. and European sophistry rationalizing delusional faith in passive displomacy against asymmetrical warfare against Western Civilization by an Islamo-Fascist/Paleo-Stalinist alliance.  Just as the "international community" of passive-diplomacy advocates instantly, blindly, reflexively and wrongly blamed Israel rather than Hezbollah for the deaths of the four U.N. observers last week,º² the same blind-faith adherents to passive diplomacy instantly, blindly, reflexively and wrongly blamed Israel rather than Hezbollah for the deaths of the women and children in the collapse of the apartment building in Qana on July 29, 2003, eight hours after Israeli bombs struck on or near it.

          Virtually none of the Lebanese, other Arabs and Muslims, and Europeans expressing such moral outrage at the deaths in Qana had expressed even remotely comparable moral outrage at the deaths of large numbers of Israeli civilians on numerous occasions since the 1990's at the hands of suicide bombers deliberately seeking to murder women and children.  Such asymmetrical outrage re-exposes their asymmetrical morality:  Fanatical Arabs'/Muslims' systematic, deliberate murders of large numbers of Israeli women and children are the acts of "freedom-fighters/martyrs," but deaths of Arab women and children as a result of Israeli targeting of Islamo-Fascists operating among women and childrenº³ while targeting Israeli cities with rockets in hope of killing Israeli women and children is a "war crime."  Enough of this pseudo-moral nonsense!

          If the free-world media were seriously interested in moral symmetry, each time they re-play images of the deaths of the women and children in Qana they would:  (a) also display video of Israeli women and children slaughtered by Islamic suicide bombers with the blessings of, and accolades from, Hezboallah, Islamic Jihad, Hamas, al Qaeda, the P.L.O., ad nauseum and (b) question why the collapse of the building in Qana causing the deaths didn't occur until eight hours after the Israeli air-strike alleged to have caused it in contrast to the self-evident, instantaneous, indisputably direct and deliberate effects of Islamic-fanatic suicide bombers setting-off their bombs inside market-places, restaurants, buses, etc.  It's long been self-evident that the Arab media have absolutely no more interest in any such moral symmetry than did Hitler's propagandists.   Instead of attempting to counter such moral asymmetry, the free-world media are content to aid and abet the anti-free-press Arab media in presenting a morally asymmetrical view of the struggle between Medieval Islamo-Fascism and Modern Western Civilization.

          Even though the "civilized" world's initial response to Hezbollah's military incursion from southern Lebanon into Israel (killing eight Israelis and taking two as hostages) was to condemn such action as violative of U.N. Resolution 1559, the U.N.'s and Europe's Alzheimers-like inability to maintain a logical attention span has led them to quickly embrace the asymmetrical morality of "cease-fire now" demands promoted by the Islamo-Fascist propaganda of Hezbollah, Hamas, Islamic Jihad, al Qaeda, and Iran's totalitarian mullahs amplified by Paleo-Stalinist propaganda of Syria's Bashir Assad, North Korea's Kim Il Jung, Venezuela's Hugo Chavez and die-hard Iraqi Baathists.  Just as "diplomatic" agreements for a "cease fire" leaving Hitler in power in the early stages of World War II would have merely delayed the inevitable and worsened the ultimate consequences -- or, worst, allowed Hitler enough of a pause to have developed the atomic bomb first-- a "cease fire" leaving Hezbollah militarily in power in southern Lebanon will merely serve to advantage Islamo-Fascists over the Western Civilization concept of human-rights-respecting democracy.  The free-press media profess loyalty to the latter while aiding and abetting the former in their misguided attempt to be "objective," the effect of which is to treat anti-freedom fascism as morally equivalent to the human-rights-respecting democratic principles of Western Civilization.

          Suppose a neo-Nazi militia were to have acquired enough political/military influence in modern Germany to render the German government unable to prevent neo-Nazi militia from (a) taking control of all parts of Germany within 30 miles of the French border, (b) making military incursions into France, and (c) firing rockets into French cities.  If France were to then muster the backbone to launch a military incursion into Germany to end such military threat, one doubts that international "diplomats" would demand that the French "cease fire" until after the destruction of such militia by the French military and/or the German government and/or an international force.  Why, then, do U.N. and European "diplomats" expect Israel to "cease fire" before destruction of Hezbollah's military capability to threaten Israel?  It's because Islamo-Fascist ruthlessness has cowed U.N. and European "diplomats" into a form of international "law" sophistry under-girded by the asymmetrical morality promoted by Islamo-Fascist/Paleo-Stalinist propaganda that is inherently inimical to the concept of human-rights-respecting democracy represented by Western Civilization (including Japan, South Korea and Taiwan).

          What's the solution?  Western Civilization must summon the courage to reject such asymmetrical morality and overcome such Islamo-Fascism with force rather than seeking ways to diplomatically accommodate it.  Otherwise, the currently-ongoing World War III will at some point feature use of a nuclear weapon against Western Civilization by Islamo-Fascists and/or Paleo-Stalinists.

--Jim Wrenn, 


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º³  See,,19955774-5007220,00.html.  In case there were to be link-decay preventing access to that link, the July 31, 2003 contents of that link (and images) are preserved in WrennCom.Com's Archives of Sources at  [http://WrennCom.Com/ArchivesOfSources/HeraldSun--wwwDOTnewsDOTcomDOTau-20060731.html].  The original urls for the three images are:


           [,,5200788,00.jpg],  and



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