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August 19, 2006--

Connecting dots reveals strategies of IFAPS alliance among al Qaeda, Hezbollah, Hammas, Islamic Jihad, Iran, Syria, North Korea, and Venezuela and counter-strategies for liberty to triumph.


               Numerous dots are emerging, connection of which form extremely disturbing pictures about the Islamo-Fascist And Paleo-Stalinist Alliance. [Footnote-A] What are the pictures and what are the strategies to counter their disturbing implications?  

               01.  During the six years since Israel's withdrawal from Lebanon, Hezbollah (acting with the direct aid of Syria and Iran and the indirect aid of Russia and China):   (a) amassed a huge arsenal of highly sophisticated anti-tank weapons, massive stockpiles of short-range rockets, large stockpiles of longer-range rockets, significant stockpiles of short-range missiles, and a supply of drone aircraft and anti-ship missiles; (b) created huge underground bunker/tunnel networks hidden within civilian areas; and (c) received from Iran extensive military training not only in defensive strategies by also in offensive strategies and special operations.

               02.  Syria unwittingly sparked the "Cedar Revolution" by its complicity in the assassination of the anti-Syrian, pro-democratic former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik Hariri, after which even the United Nations had the temerity to implicate Syria in such assassination.

               03.  The United Nations adopted a resolution for Syria to withdraw from Lebanon and for non-Lebanese-Army forces in Lebanon to be disarmed (U.N. Resolution 1559).

               04.  The United Nations and the Lebanese Government failed to enforce, and Syria, Iran and Hezbollah defied, the UN resolution for disarmament of non-Lebanese-Army forces in Lebanon..

               05.  Iran's fanatically fundamentalist, Islamo-Totalitarian President, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, has repeatedly been asserting (a) that the Holocaust is a "myth" and (b) (as an article of Islamic faith) that Muslims have a religious duty to eradicate the state of Israel.  

               06.  Hezbollah's leader in Lebanon, Hassan Nasrallah, has repeatedly asserted that all "Jews" in the world opposing the destruction of Israel should move to Israel to save followers of his fanatically totalitarian version of Islam the "trouble" of having to go all over the world to find and "kill" them.

               07.  Ignoring such fanaticism, American and European leftists have lauded the "social services" skills of Hezbollah and characterized Israel as though it were Nazi Germany.  (Would they laud the peacefulness that may typically exist in neighborhoods populated by organized-crime bosses who conspicuously support popular charities?  Perhaps many of such American/European leftists secretly agree with the anti-Jewish-bigotry recently expressed by Mel Gibson [Footnote-B] in a drunken stupor and by former Atlanta mayor Andrew Young [Footnote-B] in an ostensible state of sobriety.)

               08. During the latest phase of Iran's ongoing confrontation with the hand-tied United Nations over Iran's nuclear program, Hezbollah committed the unprovoked acts of war against Israel (e.g., crossing from southern Lebanon into Israel, killing eight Israeli soldiers and taking two Israeli soldiers hostage) which prompted Israel's military response against Hezbollah in Lebanon.  While there may be doubt about whether Hezbollah and/or Syria and/or Iran expected the scope of Israel's response, there can be little doubt that Hezbollah didn't commit the initiating acts of war without tacit approval, if not instructions, from Iran and/or Syria.  However, given what in hindsight appear to have been deficiencies in Israeli intelligence about the scope and sophistication of Hezbollah armaments (such as Russian anti-tank missiles and even some old U.S. TOW missiles), it is more than reasonable to infer that Iran/Syria/Hezbollah actually intended for such attack to provoke a large-scale response with the hope of luring large numbers of Israeli tanks into southern Lebanon to be destroyed in large numbers by state-of-the-art Russian anti-tank missiles.   If the latter inference were to be correct, then Israel's refusal to launch a full-scale armored invasion constituted the strategic lesser of two evils which at least buys time for Israel to develop effective counter measures.

               09.  Iranian President Ahmadinejad's setting "August 22, 2006" as the date on which Iran will "respond" to the current United Nations resolution demanding cessation of Iran's nuclear-fuel enrichment program-- coupled with the medieval, mythical nature of his fanatically fundamentalist Islamic "faith"-- has spawned widespread speculation about whether Iran planned to surprise the world with an underground nuclear blast on that date and also sponsor a Hezbollah incursion into northern Israel.  If the latter inference were to be correct, then it is more likely that neither Hezbollah nor Iran expected the Hezbollah attack into Israel to prompt an Israeli response during which Israel would discover what it hadn't learned (i.e., Hezbollah's possession of the Russian anti-tank missiles), in which case Israel's military response (generally deemed by the world to have strengthened rather than weakened Hezbollah's hold on the minds of many Lebanese) may well have exposed part of the Iranian/Syrian/Hezbollah strategic goal of coordinating a debut of Iran's nuclear "power" with a Hezbollah incursion into northern Israel to inflict heavy losses on Israeli armor and at least temporarily "hold" Israeli territory with Iran's newly-demonstrated nuclear-power "status" being invoked in an attempt to deter Israel from repelling Hezbollah.

               10.  Regardless of whether inference 08 or 09 were to be correct, it's more than reasonable to expect Iran's "response" on August 22, 2006, to be an underground nuclear blast to debut it's entry into the "nuclear club."  (Never mind that many experts claim Iran is "years away" from such accomplishment-- the same was thought by western intelligence about India before it successfully detonated its first nuclear bomb and likewise with respect to China and Pakistan.)  According to experts on extremely fundamentalist Islamic beliefs, August 22, 2006 on the Gregorian Calendar corresponds to the date on the Islamic calendar for which there is a "prophecy" about Jerusalem being delivered from infidels in a mighty cataclysm-- see Footnote-C.  

               11.  Meanwhile, as we observe an uneasy "ceasefire" between Israel and Hezbollah pursuant to U.N. Resolution No. 1701 made even more uneasy by typical French backstabbing and renegging on prior commitments, activities in North Korea designed to at least create the appearance of preparation, if not actual preparation, for detonating an underground nuclear blast make it clearly reasonable to infer that North Korea is coordinating such activity between now (August 19, 2006) and August 22, 2006 with Iran.  Remember, they both share the view that "the enemy of my enemy is my friend," and they both consider the West generally and the United States in particular their "enemy."

               12.  We should hope that Bush has an effective contingency plan if event "10" and/or "11" were to occur-- i.e., having at the ready a coordinated air-attack campaign designed to use massive air assaults on Iran's nuclear assets (and/or North Korea's nuclear assets) within no less than several hours after any such underground blast.  Large numbers of daisy cutters guided into very deep craters from numerous, sequential blasts from satellite-guided  bunker-busters ought to give ample opportunity to the majority of Iranians eager to escape from under the totalitarian boots of the fanatical mullahs to seize control of their country from the medieval mullahs and bring Iran into modernity.

               13.  Would such military response by the U.S. (and, one would hope, at least a few allies) "inflame" the anti-western, anti-liberty, Jew-hating, totalitarian Islamic fanatics and paleo-Stalinists?  Of course.  Would we face "increased" risks of terrorism?  Probably in the short run, but to permit Iran's fanatical, medieval mullah's and/or North Korea's psychologically unbalanced leader to possess nuclear weapons would pose an almost infinitely greater danger in the long run.

Jim Wrenn

(Jim Wrenn is Editor at WrennCom.Com and Editor at PoliSat.Com)


Footnote-A.  Regarding the "Islamo-Fascist And Paleo-Stalinist Alliance" see [] and [http://PoliSat.Com/CITGO.htm]


Footnote-B.  Regarding Mel Gibson, see  Regarding Andrew Young, see


Footnote-C.  See  See also Bernard Lewis' August 8, 2006, column in the Wall Street Journal at  For more links, perform a Google "advanced search" search [] for the exact phrase "August 22, 2006" with "Ahmadinejad" in the "must have" box.

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