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January 14, 2008--

Iraq Veteran Pete Hegseth Exposes Defeat of Defeatists and their State of Denial about Success of the Surge Designed by Petraeus, Ordered by Bush and Implemented by Our Troops.·

Iraq war veteran Pete Hegseth devastatingly exposes the defeat of the defeatists as well as their state of denial about the success of the surge designed by General David Petraeus, ordered by President Bush and implemented courageously and effectively by our troops.  (The entirety of his tour-de-force commentary is here.)   

I've met this man and spoken with him at length.  He's quite impressive and knows of what he speaks.  Not only has he courageously served our country in Iraq, but he also showed political courage in accepting the role of leadership of Vets for Freedom.  Recognizing the extent to which American voters have developed such short attention spans, he understood the need for those of us who know our success in Iraq to be a vital step in what will be the long, arduous task of assuring the triumph of liberty over tyranny for the benefit of our posterity to continuously counter the philosophy of defeatism that otherwise will continually take hold (as it did in November, 2006).  When Hegseth's country needed him in Iraq, he was there.  When his country needed him in the "Battle of D.C." over the future of our Iraq strategy in particular and our strategy against fanatical, medieval tyranny generally, he was there combating the defeatist propaganda being spewed by political hate groups such as Code Pink, DailyKos, MoveOn.Org, ANSWER, 9-11 "Truthers," Goristsetc. ad naseum., who have earned the title "Axis of Sleazel."

Rather than selectively quoting him, I think it best to urge readers to do two things:  One, read the entirety of his comments; Two, disseminate them as widely as possible.  He's doing far more than his part, so we who support victory rather than defeatism must do ours.  We, like Hegseth, must remember that our efforts to educate American voters on what's at stake requires unrelenting efforts on our part.  

Never again can we afford to make the mistake that many of us made in interpreting the results of Election 2004 as evidence that the American voter "got it."  Such insights pass quickly from the minds of American voters.  To paraphrase Jefferson, "The tree of liberty must be periodically nurtured by torrents of knowledge to combat the withering infestation of defeatism."

Given what appeared to be an ascendancy of American Self-Defeatism little more than a year ago in the wake of the November, 2006, elections, not only do his comments devastatingly expose the politically-self-serving delusions American Self-Defeatists" but they also exude a justified sense of satisfaction warranting a paraphrasing of one of Winston Churchill's famous lines:  "There's no greater exhilaration that being politically shot-at and missed."  However, given what we know about the political attention-span of too many of today's Americans, this exhilaration will prove temporary unless we remember that we must unrelentingly educate the public and unrelentingly battle the propaganda of defeatism.  Fortunately, as shown in the above-left poster, the Spirit of Winston Churchill appeared during the "Battle of D.C." in the summer of 2007 to help bring many Americans led astray by the so-called "mainstream" media back to their senses about the anti-western, blind-hatred-of-Bush mentality of the American Self-Defeatists.  An outstanding graphics designer, Karl Egenberger, created that poster as an adaptation of (and improvement upon) a PoliSat.Com poster (with PoliSat.Com's permission), which, in retrospect, presciently predicted the spirit of Churchill to be still alive in the America of 2007. 

Another aspect of the process in which the American public re-awakened (in 2007) to the dangers and reality of the struggle we face and not only the catastrophic consequences of defeat but also the immeasurable benefit of victory in the ultimate triumph of liberty over tyranny for our posterity is the country's apparent re-embrace of what had been the World War II generations intuitive understanding of the correct "end-game" strategy in warfare.

To whom do we owe thanks for the exhilaration of witnessing the (at least temporary) "defeat of defeatism"?  The greatest thanks go to those who serve us with such courage, determination and selflessness:  Our troops:


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Is my commentary above "over the top" patriotism?  If so, it's not a tiny fraction as "over the top" as the real-world courage, sacrifice and determination being exhibited in our behalf by our troops.  Such "over the top" patriotism is far superior to the "below the bottom," neo-nihilistic philosophy of the American Self-Defeatists.

--Jim Wrenn, Editor, WrennCom.Com and Editor, PoliSat.Com  .