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September 15, 2008--

Tech-savvy millions watch Dear Mr. Obama video via email from John McCain supporter.

Despite Barack Obama’s campaign mocking McCain for “being unable to use email,” rapidly increasing millions of tech-savvy web-surfers and emailers are watching the “Dear Mr. Obama” video via the web and via email from John McCain supporter, Joe Cook, an Iraq-war veteran.  If recent polls are revealing anything, it’s that McCain’s selection of Sarah Palin is not the only reason for the simultaneous rise of McCain and fall of Barack Obama in polls of “likely voters” as well as merely “registered voters.”  What appears to be another reason?  Scroll down after viewing the video below.

Above: Dear Mr. Obama video letter from Iraq Vet (click to view)

Until McCain’s recent surge ahead of Obama, the Obama Campaign and the so-called “mainstream” media have touted the vaunted “YOUTH VOTE” as being a big factor in predictions of victory for Obama.  However, to many political observers, the most realistic description of so many Obama supporters described by the acronym “YOUTH VOTE” is “Young Offspring Unexposed To History Voting On Total Euphoria.”  However, the recent surge of McCain and decline of Obama may indicate that information such as that conveyed in Cook’s “Dear Mr. Obama” letter is causing growing numbers within the “YOUTH VOTE” to morph into the “YOUNG VOTE,” an acronym standing for “Young Offespring Understanding Necessary Goal:  Victory Over Terrorist Enemies.”  (Click image above or click here to view “Dear Mr. Obama” video.)

Cook’s video effectively demolishes Barack Obama’s recent attempt to limit the political damage of his grudging admission that the surge is succeeding by still adamantly describing the toppling of Saddam as a “mistake.”  However, Obama has repeated so many times (without being challenged by the so-called “mainstream” media which seems to have joined the clergy in the Church of Obamessianity) that he has “always” and “consistently” opposed the war in Iraq that few people know that when it appeared potentially advantageous to him politically, he actually uttered supportive words for George W. Bush’s action in toppling Saddam HusseinPeter Wehner is one of the few who have bothered to draw attention to such facts.  Wehner’s examples include the following:  (A) that Obama wrote in his Audacity of Hope that after the rapid collapse of Saddam Hussein’s regime as our troops closed-in on Baghdad that he (Obama) “began to suspect that [he (Obama)] might have been wrong [in his prior opposition to toppling Saddam]” and (B) that Obama  “told the Chicago Tribune in July 2004, ‘There’s not that much difference between my position and George Bush’s position at this stage.’”  Indeed, one of Obama’s greatest successes is his ability to consistently claim all his prior inconsistences are consistent with what he’s currently saying as what he has “always” said.  A video which illustrates this with devastating effectiveness is at

What about Obama’s current claim that Bush’s action in toppling Saddam was a “strategic mistake”?  Even though we now appear to be winning rather than losing in Iraq, Obama and his supporters still cling to their view that such strategic victory would neverthless constitute a “strategic mistake.”  They still cling to their theme of “Exposing Bush on Iraq,” (see also image link below) in their effort to rewind, rewrite and replay history in a manner equivalent to what accountants call “single entry accounting.”  I called this tactic the “half-hindsight rewriting of history” — i.e., comparing adverse effects of a prior decision with an assumption that an opposite prior decision would not have wrought worse adverse effects in the present.   

Video-- Exposing Bush on Iraq

Video-- Exposing Bush on Iraq

Furthermore, since some supporters of the “surge” and of victory as the goal nevertheless tend to embrace criticism of the conduct of the war (i.e., tactical blunders that cost lives) as though such criticisms undermine the validity of the war itself.   As anyone knowledgeable about military history knows, Churchill, Roosevelt, Eisenhower and Montgomery made quite a few blunders costing many lives in the process of managing a strategy that ultimately led to victory.  Examples of such blunders?  Operation Market Gardens and the Allied leadership’s failure to anticipate Hitler’s large-scale counter-attack that became known as the Battle of the Bulge are two examples.  To understand application of this point to what our country faced in Iraq in 2006, when Obama and critics of Bush were demanding that we withdraw, watch “Baseball, Football and War” (or click the image-link below).

Video-- Baseball, Football and War

Video-- Baseball, Football and War

 Yet, despite the efforts of the American Self-Defeatists — including Barack Obama’s demand in late-2006/early-2007 for U.S. forces to be withdrawn from Iran “by March, 2008 and including Senate Majority Leader Reid’s proclamation in 2006 that “we’ve lost”– we are in the process of winning in Iraq.  To whom do we owe thanks?  First, to our troops (see also image-link below).  Second, to Bush for proving that on a vital issue of national security, he’s the “Dubya Duck” rather than a “lame duck.”  Third, to McCain for standing firm against the American Self-Defeatists (including a number of “white-flag” Republicans whose knees were buckling in late 2006 and early 2007, and fourth, to statesmen such as Joe Lieberman.

Video Tribute to Our Troops

Video Tribute to Our Troops

For more about thanks to our troops, go to http://PoliSat.Com/Thanks.htm.

--Jim Wrenn, Editor at WrennCom.Com; also Editor at PoliSat.Com.

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