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When will SOMEBODY in the News Media Ask Obama Why He Fails to Credit Dubya for Libya's Qadhaffi NOT HAVING NUKES TODAY?

By Jim Wrenn, Editor

March 29, 2011--

            When will SOMEBODY in the news media ask Obama why he refuses to credit George W. Bush for Libya's Qadhaffi NOT HAVING NUKES TODAY?  When will SOMEBODY in the news media present this information to the public as part of the historical context affording Obama the luxury today of knowing Libya doesn't have a nuclear weapons program?  How about the fact that Bush 43 made it impossible for Saddam to be around today with his own nuclear program?  These are not peripheral or irrelevant matters as we confront Ghadafy (may his spellings be many) today.

            Other than tea-party people, are there significant numbers of Americans that even know (or remember) that it was our troops' capture of Saddam Hussein (in the course of Operation Iraqi Freedom launched by Bush after obtaining Congressional approval) that prompted Ghadafy (a) to disclose to the West the massive and highly-advanced extent of his ultra-secret nuclear-weapons program and (b) to permit the United States to completely dismantle the program?  

            It's long past time for SOMEBODY in the "news" media to bring these undisputed facts into the reportage-- ESPECIALLY in light of Obama's speech last night (March 28, 2011) in which he not-so-tacitly but oh-so-arrogantly trashed Bush 43 for having launched Operation Iraqi Freedom in the first place.  It's enough to make one throw one's shoes at the television screen while simultaneously attempting to avoid vomiting.

            As a refresher course for those reporters in the "news" media who seem to have become smitten with amnesia on the subject, please go to http://PoliSat.Com/VictoryByAnyOtherName.htm.  Readers of this column should do likewise.  When you get there, read the update at the top and then fast-forward the video (which I concede is much too long) to 7:03 and watch it to the end.  Then send the link to that page to every reporter you know and ask each one:  (a) why he/she hasn't included in his/her reportage this fact that is highly material to the lesser scope of risk our country, the world and Obama face today than would otherwise be the case and (b) why he/she hasn't asked Obama why he hasn't already made this point to the American people (and to the world) with credit to Bush, to America and especially to our troops (instead of tacitly, if not overtly, trashing Bush for having toppled Saddam and thereby pretending that absent Bush 43 we couldn't be facing a Middle East with both Saddam and Qadhaffi having nuclear-weapons programs today).

            It's also useful for everyone to be reminded what the world would look like today if Bush 43 had NOT toppled Saddam Hussein.  See the two images immediately below:


The news media's willingness to completely ignore this is just one of countless manifestations of the extent to which they are willing to carry water for Obama (and or the left generally).   They don't speak "truth to power"; they speak for power when the power is on the left.  It's not only disgusting, it's dangerous for the media to be so complicit in perpetuating ignorance.


--Jim Wrenn

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