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Focus on News, Politics, etc.
by Jim Wrenn, Editor (February 1, 2000)

New Hampshire:
The Media & Campaign-Finance "Reform".

    The media will interpret the New Hampshire results on 02-01-00 as a clear sign that "the people" want campaign-finance "reform."  The combined votes for two honorable men (Bradley and McCain) demonstrate how easily the "independent" voters are seduced by the word "reform" without feeling obligated to conduct a serious analysis of whether the proposed "reform" would improve or worsen the subject of reform.  The campaign-finance "reform" proposals by Bradley and McCain are among the most pernicious political proposals in decades.  Neither of them will admit or confront the fact that their proposals would, in effect, place the government and the dominant media in control of political expression.  Control of political expression by the government is a vastly greater evil than the influence of "money" on politics.
Bad News/Good News:  Bad News for Gore:  Independent voters overwhelmingly rejected Gore.  Bad News for Bush:  Independent voters overwhelmingly rejected Bush.  Good News for the "Reform" Party:  Independent voters overwhelmingly rejected Gore and Bush.  Bad News for the "Reform" Party:  You have no viable candidate capable of attracting more than a small fraction of the independent voters.  Good News for the Country:  There's time left for Bush, McCain and Bradley to move to the center (if they have the will to do so).
Advice to Candidates.  Advice to George Bush:  First, retract your foolish claim that internet sites satirizing you should be subject to regulation under campaign-finance laws; Second, relentlessly expose to the public the details of McCain's proposals for campaign-finance "reform" in such a way that the otherwise uninformed listeners will understand how it hands control of political expression to three groups:  the government, the dominant media and $500-per-hour lawyers; Stop predicating your opposition to McCain/Bradley's campaign-finance "reform" on the contention that it would be "bad for the Republican Party" and start explaining to the public how it would be bad for free speech (i.e., bad for the country)  and good for the dominant media, government regulators and $500-per-hour lawyers.  Advice to McCain:  Having honorably demonstrated a willingness to admit when you've been wrong, abandon your current proposals for campaign-finance "reform" in favor of genuine reform that would reduce rather than increase governmental regulation of political speech.   Advice to Bradley:  Relentlessly expose Al Gore's duplicitousness and reflexive support of pseudo-science being promulgated by environmental extremists motivated by statist, anti-captialist, neo-pantheistic dogma; Stop appealing to the "gimme" voters-- i.e., those who base their votes on a "what'll you gimme" philosophy..

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