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Focus on News, Politics, etc.
by Jim Wrenn, Editor  (March 8, 2000)

Campaign 2000:
Lessons from Iowa Caucus to Super Tuesday..

    What lessons can be learned from Iowa through Super Tuesday?
        1. Money may be necessary but it's not sufficient absent a message acceptable to the electorate.  Ask Steve Forbes.
        2. Being a favorite of, or being portrayed favorably by, the media would be sufficient absent adversaries possessing sufficient money to procure media time to offset effects of media favoritism.  Ask John McCain.
        3. Reliance upon intellectual curiosity among voters to inform themselves about the positions of candidates across the entire spectrum of issues by listening to debates, reading the newspapers, and otherwise "keeping up" with the news, social issues and political issues out of a sense of civic-minded duty is patently insufficient.  Ask Bill Bradley.
        4. Role-playing, stressing "hot-button" issues, and outright lying is sufficient when one's opponent limits his strategy to #3 is sufficient to achieve victory over such opponent even when he has as much, if not more, money.  Ask Al Gore.
        5. When attacked by an opponent using tactics impugning one's motives and/or integrity (i.e., favoring tax cuts to "benefit the rich"), one must respond in kind and aggressively-- otherwise, one will be defined by caricature.  Ask George W. Bush.

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