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Focus on News, Politics, etc.
by Jim Wrenn, Editor (March 21, 2000)

Campaign Finance:
Al Gore's "Controlling Authority".

    How will Al Gore use the latest revelations about his violations of campaign-finance laws to bolster his claim as one dedicated to campaign-finance "reform"?  Can you say, "I've learned from my 'mistakes'"?  The limerick below says it all about in-White-House solicitations:

Cheats & Chung or Gore heeeaaaarrrrssss Johnny ! (a limerick)
    In raising more funds by the ton 
    by on-fed'ral-property duns
    Controlling authority 
    did not apply to me ... 
    because I was dialing for funds
    But now there's a claim by John Chung 
    that I made some in-White-House duns.
    I fear that I can't 
    make-up a new chant 
    refuting the claims of John Chung.

    And since there's no way to dodge blame, 
    I must try to minimize shame
    I'll try to sound stern 
    and claim that I've learned 
    from errors just like John McCain.

-- Source:  2000-03-21 Daily Update-01 from
Political Satire Daily Update.

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