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Focus on News, Politics, etc.
by Jim Wrenn, Editor (06-28-00)

Elian Gonzales-- Iconization as Young Pioneer.
Prediction:  Castro won't be alone in
iconizing Elian Gonzales as a "Young Pioneer."

    Politically, Castro cannot afford for Elian to be less enthusiastic as a Young Pioneer supporter of Castro than could Hitler have afforded to allow a famous German child to be anything less than a prominent leader of the Hitler Youth.  However, Castro won't be alone in iconizing Elian as a heroic Young Pioneer.
    Can there be any doubt that there already exist contractual arrangements between Cuban authorities (acting nominally "on behalf" of Elian, Juan Miguel and his family) and media moguls for a book and a movie about Juan Miguel's heroic struggle to retrieve his son from the clutches of the Castro-hating Miami relatives and the Castro-hating element of the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy.  Can there be any doubt that revenue from such contractual arrangements that normally would inure to the benefit of Elian and Juan Miguel in a free society will be paid to the Cuban government (perhaps in the form of food, medicine and other necessities)?  Can there be any doubt that such book and movie will portray Elian's mother as a criminal who kidnapped her son from the loving Juan Miguel to satisfy her base desires to flee to Florida with her criminal boyfriend?  Isn't it a virtual certainty that someone such as Alex Baldwin will play Juan Miguel; that someone such as Robert Redford will play Greg Craig; that Clinton will play himself; that someone such as Susan Sarandon will play Janet Reno?
    More to come... 

*Iconize, iconization, iconizing, etc. ought to be verb-forms, so I'm taking the liberty of making it so.  It describes a process that is a non-theological equivalent of canonization, beatification or diefication. 
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