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Focus on News, Politics, etc.
by Jim Wrenn, Editor  (August 1, 2000)

Powell's Speech to Republican Convention on July 31, 2000:
A watershed political event. .

    Historians will view Colin Powell's from-the-heart speech last light at the Republican Convention as a watershed event permanently and fundamentally changed the course of politics in America for the better.  Powell's enthusiastic endorsement of George W. Bush while unapologetically urging the core of the Republican Party to play a more activist role to accelerate the racial healing process will help Bush forge a new coalition that will have as profound an effect as did the Reagan Coalition.  Without mentioning abortion, Powell impliedly appealed to the anti-abortion faction to strive to overcome the perception among a large percentage of black Americans that such faction's  concern for blacks ends upon their exit from the womb.  By warmly embracing Powell and others who don't share the theocratic faction's views on abortion, Bush is teaching the theocratic faction that they can more effectively accomplish their goals by persuasion rather than continuing to advocate tactics of coercion and exclusion.
    This new coalition will have the power to accomplish what one of the most misunderstood politicians in recent history, Barry Goldwater, wanted to accomplish:  to change the hearts of American in a way that would make coercive changes by governmental power unnecessary and thereby promote good will without engendering resentful backlashes, grudging compliance and continual denial.  Few Americans today know that before the late-Sixties phase of the civil rights movement, and before Goldwater became a Senator, he desegregated the Arizona National Guard, and, to lead by example in his personal life, he prohibited racial discrimination by his chain of department stores in Arizona.  However, in his opposition to the civil-rights laws of the Sixties (grounded in his fundamental, limited-government philosophy), he failed to effectively express moral condemnation towards those still desiring to treat blacks as second-class citizens.
    As a team, George W. Bush and Colin Powell have the moral authority to accelerate the change-of-heart process needed to eventually render most of the civil-rights issues moot.  Furthermore, despite Powell's reluctance to rhetorically embrace the limited-government philosophy to the extent desired by a large portion of Republicans, his private-life conduct exemplifies those very principles in the form of the private-voluntarism nature of his America's Promise project.   That's why this team has the unique opportunity to dramatically and permanently change America for the better. 
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